What is a Professional Virtual Assistant?

Basically, I am your right-hand person

The title, Virtual Assistant, encompasses many different roles, (i.e., Social Media Manager, Personal Assistant, Bookkeeper, Business Manager, Consultant, etc.).  And each is defined by the Independent Contractor according to the services offered and what he/she is comfortable calling themselves.  All Virtual Assistants – no matter what they choose to call themselves, are your right-hand person – just like any Executive Administrative Assistant at any company.  The fundamental differences are that Virtual Assistants are Independent Contractors and work remotely.  Although a Virtual Assistant is not an employee, he/she is still an integral part of the team and will work just as hard to help your business grow.

What should you know or Do before hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Below is some friendly advice before you hire any Virtual Assistant.  I hope this advice helps smooth the way for both you and your VA.

  • Are you ready to hire a VA?
    • Know what tasks you want to entrust to them.
    • Ask them if they can handle task X.  If they can’t/don’t, then they may know someone who does.
  • If you want that “rockstar” VA, please be prepared to pay his/her stated rate.
    • ALL VAs are entrepreneurs just as you are.
    • Yes, negotiations can, and should, take place.  However, that does not mean a VA should be expected or asked to cut his/her rate in half, (or worse – work for free).  As Independent Contractors, we set our prices just as you do in your business.
  • VAs know a lot of different systems – trust them.  It is in their best interest, as well as yours, to streamline all processes.
  • VAs CANNOT read minds!  It may sometimes seem that we do, but this is only after we have worked with you for a long enough period to anticipate your needs.  As with any successful relationship, (business or personal), CLEAR communication is KING!  Both you and the VA you contract with want a good result.  It is imperative that you both understand what the other is saying.  The only stupid quest is the unasked question.
  • VAs are Independent Contractors – NOT employees.  Just as you have multiple clients all who deserve your attention, we do as well.  Please respect your VA’s time just as he/she will respect yours.
  • Just as clear communication is king – so are contracts.  Contracts spell out the scope of work, payment terms, hours, etc.  Not only do contracts protect VAs, but they protect the client as well.
  • What should you make sure you get from your VA during the on-boarding process?
    • Policies regarding invoicing, payment terms/methods, vacation time, weekends/holidays, etc.  These are generally spelled out in the contract, but if not make sure these items are discussed in detail and later supplied in writing (maybe as an appendix to the agreement).  If a separate document is provided later, make sure you both discuss any vague statements and correct them.  Each of you should sign the final document.
    • Contact information
      • Phone number
      • Email address
      • Skype address if this is an option
      • If you are paying for services by check, mailing address
    • Contract & NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
    • W-9 Form if both parties are in the US

Why Should You Invest in Me as Your Professional Virtual Assistant?

What is Your Return On Investment?


Here are some excellent reasons why investing in me as your Professional Virtual Assistant is a good ROI:

1.  You don’t have to pay taxes, unemployment insurance, and health benefits as you would have to for an employee.  I take care of those myself.

2.  You don’t have to find an office for me – I already have an office.

3.  You don’t have to offer vacation, sick, and personal leave.  I don’t work; I don’t get paid.

4. I save you time.  By investing in me to take care of those essential tasks, it allows you to reinvest that saved time back into your business.

5.  I make your work more enjoyable.  How?  Well, I am betting you didn’t decide to start a business to answer emails, create and maintain databases, and schedule meetings.  You more than likely decided to start a business doing something you like, and have fun doing.  Wasting your time doing these tasks means you are losing valuable time your business needs to get to the next level.

Are you ready to start enjoying your business again?

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Professional Virtual Assistant

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