Oh boy, I’ve entered the 21st century.  I have a website.  More than likely, I still would not have one if I had not decided to start a side business as a Virtual Assistant.  I wasn’t expecting to spend so much for my website.  Had to buy my domain name, hosting services, and theme.  Thankfully the “Under Construction” plug in was free.  I hope I earn enough to recoup the costs every year.

The process was pretty simple up to a point.  I am a student in an online course teaching us the ins and outs of starting a “successful” VA business.  They have a free side course that teaches us how to get the necessary pieces to get a website.  However, unbeknownst to me, that is where the “course” ended.  I was stunned.  I thought something was wrong with my class link.  Kept looking for the rest of the modules.  So there I was with a “website”, minus a few hundred bucks, and absolutely no clue how to get functional and informative information onto my website.  I wasted two days trying to figure it out.  I even went through the free course through my full-time job but it wasn’t helping.  What use is a website for an  aspiring VA if I couldn’t figure out how to get the necessary information onto the darn thing?  I knew what I needed – I needed a guide.  Someone to take me step-by-step through the process once.  After I had the basics, I could handle it on my own from there.  But where to find such a guide?

YouTube!!  I searched YouTube for WordPress and added the word Divi.  The first one that stood out from the rest included the word “amazing”.  I remember thinking, oh boy here is another person full of themselves with absolutely nothing to offer.  However, I figured what do I have to lose but a few minutes of my time?  If it isn’t helping after the first few minutes, I can just keep looking at videos until I found one that did help.  Unbeknownst to me I had found my savior and his name is Darrel Wilson.  This video saved my website.  It is a 2017 version, (and three hours long), but I had no worries.  Things probably had not changed all that much considering it is only three months into 2018.  I watched Darrel go through all the steps I had already gone through with the free class and then he opened up a completely new world I did not know existed.  The world known as “Enable Visual Builder”.  Cue the heavenly church music and singing angels.  Following along with my wonderful guide, I was able to create something that I was comfortable turning off the under construction page.

My website, like my brand new business, is a work in progress.  However, thanks to my guide, I am sure I will be able to make it into something that I can be proud of.  I have shared the site with a few people close to me who have said that it looks great.  They also offered some advice on the wording – always good to have another pair of eyes, (ok four pairs), to help find things you have missed.