Hello, my name is Regina

I want to help you get back to enjoying your business again.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Regina King VA to work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to get their businesses to the next level by doing the basic, but vital, tasks so that the business owner can get back to doing what they do best.


My Experience:

With over 30 years experience as an Executive Administrative Assistant, I will help you get back to enjoying your business.  My experience is in the medical field, (20 years working in a hospital), and higher education field, (11 years working for a state university).  I am a Certified Professional Administrative Assistant and a Certified Research Assistant.

Your ROI:

Hiring me is an investment not only in your business but in your life as well.  I will take care of those basic, but vital, tasks that are taking your attention away from creating and away from your family.  For every hour I work, that is one more hour you have to give back to your business and your family.  Added bonus, you don’t have to pay taxes, health benefits, vacation, sick, etc., as you would with a traditional employee.


Photography – scenic, workshops, and other corporate events

Cooking – I am taking online classes that teach us how to not rely on recipes, but on our own taste palates and knowledge of what herbs/spices to use and the correct time to add them to benefit from their full potential.

Reading – Primarily historical novels and the occasional biography.





Ready to get back to enjoying your business again?

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